Top Picks for June
Photo by Rita Petchorina

Top Picks for June

Published on April 30, 2021

We compiled a list of high-demand content for June so that you know what concepts and subjects to base your work around. Remember Wirestockers: for the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and body types. Always upload your model and property releases for recognizable people and locations! For all original artwork, property releases are required too.


Apartments and House Exteriors

Next month, we are looking for all images of residences (houses, condos, hotels, apartments). Don’t be afraid to switch it up; shoot in the morning, at night, in different angles, in the city, in a village, in suburbia. Remember to include a property release signed by the owner and exclude addresses, logos, and license plates in the shot. 

Photo courtesy of Mario Martinez


Local Businesses

Again, we are looking for shots and video clips that capture of the mood or tell a story of local businesses. You are likely to be successful selling your shot if you exclude recognizable artwork or logos (which would require a property release). Keep it candid, raw, and real. 

Photo courtesy of Quiony Navarro


Organizations and Institutions

There are some vital institutions that have been operating in a much different way and the buildings have been mostly abandoned, changed, or closed to the public for months now. We would love to see photos of them. For example: Churches, Hospitals, Schools, Clubs, Universities. Take photos at different angles and with different perspectives and don’t forget a property release where required. 

Photo courtesy of Amnéus Photo


Video Clips

This month, we want to see video clips that are authentic while maintaining a high standard of quality. UGC is in trend, and feel free to take a look at our recent blog article to get a better idea about what UGC is and how to shoot it effectively. 

Photo courtesy of Marisol Araujo