Wirestock's top picks for February!
Photo by Θανασης Τσιλιγγουδης

Wirestock's top picks for February!

Published on January 29, 2020

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we’ve made a list of high-demand content for February.
Customers will be looking for images showcasing flowers in bloom, gender-neutral individuals, home gardening, and vibrant colors. Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly.

Flowers in bloom

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- Customers will be searching for floral visuals that make an impact.
- Floral backdrops, as well as tropical and jungle themes, will be in demand for lifestyle and product shoots.
- Close-ups highlighting the beautiful details of peonies, roses, and other flowers will be a popular search term.
- Floral letter illustrations will be incredibly popular for marketing, event invites, and more.

Gender-neutral everyday

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- Inclusivity is key, and imagery featuring an accepting view of gender is on the rise.
- Highlight inclusive education and sporting scenarios demonstrating that activities are not gender exclusive.
- Showcase gender-neutral clothing, haircuts, and home stylings that provide a different perspective.
- Feature unisex party ideas and inclusive celebrations offering something different from the traditional.

Home gardening

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- Bring the outside in this season with inspiring home gardening and decorating tips that’ll inspire green thumbs everywhere.
- Aspiring imagery of dedicated garden rooms, greenhouse environments, secret gardens, and modern gardening setups will be sought after.
- Indoor microgreen, including (but not limited to) kitchen herbs, will be in demand this season.
- Highlighting greenery in workspaces is not only calming but will inspire healthy living - a popular topic going into spring.

Vibrant colors

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- Images featuring coloring blocking or scenes with contrasting colors will be searched often.
- Visuals with pops of dominant and bright colors across backdrops will be very popular.
- The use of props such as colored fog, seamless backdrop paper, or bright clothing will resonate with our customers.
- Color saturation can be pleasing to the eye, but the ones that pop while still looking natural are frequently licensed.

Best of luck Wirestockers!
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