Wirestock's top picks for January!
Photo by Oscar Carrascosa Martinez

Wirestock's top picks for January!

Published on December 25, 2019

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we’ve made a list of high-demand content for January. Customers will be looking for images celebrating divine magic & occultism, Black History Month, women in power, and the idea of creating a home. Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly.

Divine magic & occultism

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- Magic and interest in all things mystical have been growing in popularity.
- Try uploading photos, footage, and illustrations of occult symbolism like astrology, fortune tellers, and alchemy.
- Also capture modern approaches to the paranormal, depicting seances, aura readings, and crystal ball gazing.

Black History Month

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- Customers will be seeking content that highlights the achievements of African-Americans.
- Try to upload visuals that celebrate empowerment and diversity.
- Images showcasing social justice and triumph in the face of adversity will also be in high demand.

Women in power

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- Customers are constantly seeking images that celebrate the strength and power of women.
- Images and videos celebrating International Women’s Day, depicting feminism, women’s rights activism, and the fight for gender equality will be highly sought after.

Creating a home

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- There are few greater feelings than the feeling of home, and that’s reflected in our consumer downloads.
- Motivating visuals of spring cleaning (and spring decor), home staging, and lawn care will be requested.
- Aspiring content of beautiful modern homes, their interiors, and people enjoying them will be popular.
- Make sure to get those property releases if the interiors are recognizable!