Wirestock's top picks for November!
Photo by Photo by Rodrigo Morante

Wirestock's top picks for November!

Published on October 21, 2019

Photo courtesy of Lisa Hobbs

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we have made a list of high-demand content for November. Customers will be looking for images that include food and drinks, modern apothecary, seasonal activities, and the celebration of a new year, new you! Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly!

Try to include Images with people of diverse ethnicities, ages, abilities, and non-binary/LGBTQ+ individuals.

Special occasions with food and drinks

- The holidays are approaching, and customers want images of people getting together to eat, drink, and be merry.
- Capture images of family meals, romantic dinners, picnics, and other special moments.
- And remember—it’s not the holiday season without eggnog!

The modern apothecary


Images focusing on the apothecary of natural wellness will be searched, with a special focus on self-care.
- Content depicting an organic, minimalist lifestyle and the comfort of aromatherapy (essential oils, incense, candles, etc.) will be a hot commodity.
- Make sure to add images of herbal formulations, including wildflowers and herbs, to your uploads.

Seasonal activities

- Try to capture LGBTQ+ models in activities that celebrate and highlight the upcoming season.
- Customers will be searching for the energy and possibilities that the new season brings.
- Capture images of everyday indoor and outdoor activities in aspirational environments.

New year, new you


- A new year is upon us, so provide images celebrating this milestone and the resolutions that come with it.
- Customers will want to see lifestyle images of people ringing in the new year.
- With a new year comes a new you! Upload visuals depicting a fresh start, with goal setting, vision boarding, and bucket listing.

Best of luck Wirestockers!
Kind regards:
Eric Alexanders from team Wirestock.