Exploring In-Demand Content Trends in the World of AI-Generated Imagery
Photo by Ripsie H

Exploring In-Demand Content Trends in the World of AI-Generated Imagery

Published on September 15, 2023

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced AI creator, you've probably wondered what art form is currently in demand. To make it easier for you to navigate through various images and sell AI art successfully, we're taking a close look at some of the most searched categories and content trends, giving you a better understanding of what's hot in the market and increasing chances of bigger sales. So, let's explore the booming world of the most demanded AI visuals.


Alistair Claret

1. Defying Reality

Picture this: crafting an image that defies the boundaries of reality, a scene so fantastical it couldn't exist in the tangible world. This capability to transform the unimaginable into visual reality has sent ripples across the content marketplaces, and surreal images are at the epicenter of this transformative wave. These surreal creations fill the void in numerous content categories, catering to a diverse audience hungry for the extraordinary. Whether it's a grandmother sipping coffee while gazing at Earth from her lunar abode or otherworldly scenes that bend the rules of physics, AI-powered generative tools are the architects of these mind-bending visions. Gone are the days of labor-intensive editing; AI streamlines the creative process, allowing artists to materialize their fantastical ideas with remarkable ease and speed. Furthermore, the landscape of generative tools is continually evolving, with new models and sophisticated features emerging regularly, such as the recent introduction of the zoom-out function. Intriguingly, surreal, futuristic, and fantasy images have a unique power: they evoke profound emotions and narrate captivating stories effortlessly. AI harnesses this power to breathe life into these fantastical worlds, imbuing them with emotional depth and delivering intricate narratives through visual storytelling. It's a fusion of art and technology that resonates deeply with audiences, making surreal content a hot commodity in the realm of stock photo marketplaces.


Haris Mulaosmanovic

2. Creating Holiday Magic and Special Event

Holidays like Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Labor Day, Halloween, and other special occasions have always sparked the creativity of photographers and AI creators alike. Whether you're capturing the enchantment of Halloween or the vibrancy of back-to-school moments, these events present a wealth of content possibilities. Our web-based AI image generator is like a Swiss Army knife for creative content, making it effortless to create captivating visuals. By planning and submitting your holiday-themed content in advance, you significantly boost your chances of achieving sales success. Why wait? Dive right in and explore our web AI image generator to craft unique visuals for sale ahead of time for these upcoming holidays.



3. Model-Grade Portraits for a Global Audience

Charismatic models representing diverse backgrounds and ethnicities are currently in high demand. AI-generated model portraits offer a universal appeal and serve as exceptional assets for small and medium-sized designers looking to showcase digital creations, including jewelry, clothing, tattoo art, and more. These models not only cater to a global audience but also reduce the time and resources required for traditional photoshoots. Their adaptability and availability enable designers to experiment with various looks and styles without the constraints of scheduling and location. Additionally, AI models provide a consistent quality of imagery, ensuring that your creations are presented in the best light possible. Their versatility empowers designers to innovate and diversify their visual content, making AI-generated models an indispensable tool for creative professionals.


Jurica Tomic

4. A World of Mesmerizing Wallpapers

AI creators provide a game-changing solution for crafting diverse and artistically appealing wallpapers while significantly reducing the time invested in the creative process. By harnessing AI capabilities, you can streamline the generation of captivating wallpapers, allowing you to allocate your valuable time and resources to other creative endeavors. The dynamic nature of global content trends demands a constant influx of fresh and aesthetically pleasing wallpapers, and AI-driven tools are up to the task. These tools adapt swiftly to emerging design preferences, ensuring that you're always at the forefront of wallpaper trends.


Todor Ovedenski

5. Culinary Delights - AI in Food Photography 

AI introduces a fresh dimension to food photography, creating delectable and realistic-looking food images. This is particularly valuable as commercial-grade food content often relies on non-food products to achieve appealing visuals, as natural food may not always look its best in photographs. Moreover, basic food shots often demand extensive editing, making synthetic media a practical alternative that can save time and effort. AI not only reduces production costs and time but also delivers exceptional visual results.

William McCraney

6. Simplifying Time-Intensive Realism 

Some images demand hours of meticulous preparations, selection, editing, and file transfers. AI simplifies these complex tasks, allowing creators to easily generate numerous variations. These AI-enhanced images can be a game-changer, making the whole production one easy process.


Deividas Jackus

7. Visualizing Concepts with AI

Various abstract topics, such as networks, currency, and currencies, highly demand conceptual images. Using AI technology, creators can represent abstract concepts visually in compelling ways. This opens up exciting new possibilities for visual storytelling and creative expression. Additionally, AI models serve as full-time brainstorming partners, assisting creators in generating innovative concepts, which is crucial for producing outstanding pieces.


Druvo Haritonovs

8. Elevating Street Photography with AI

Street photography is about capturing unexpected moments in everyday life. These photos can be enhanced thanks to AI, bringing out hidden elements such as details under proper lighting, subtle nuances, and focused elements. This refinement process not only brings out the essence of your message or vision but also eliminates the commercial content limitations, such as the need for model releases and privacy concerns often encountered in street photography.


Matthias H

9. Combining Visuals and Text for Enhanced Content

Incorporating text into your visual content can enhance the versatility of your creations. The addition of text on your images allows for more usage possibilities and messaging and broadens the appeal to a broader audience on various marketplaces. Such visual content is often used in presentations, posters, banners, and other multimedia tools.


Fernando Schwedersky

10. Moodboards and Inspirational Compositions

Moodboards are a rich source of inspiration for designers, creators, and many others. An AI-created mood board can give a fresh perspective on the creative process by providing new ideas and compositions. It's worth noting that this category has been one of the best-selling topics across marketplaces recently.


Marius Kuhmann

11. Unlocking the Abstract and 3D Realms

Have you ever thought that making a 3D model would be so easy now? With AI as your creative collaborator, you can try out boundless creativity and push the boundaries without knowledge of 3D design. By doing so, you can bring imaginative visuals to life by doing it as professionally as possible.



12. Showcasing Interior Designs in Style

AI can assist you in creating interior visualizations in a range of styles, from Scandinavian minimalism to Japanese aesthetics. There is a growing audience interested in interior design and architecture. Inspiration for creative renovations of homes, landscaping, and decorative accessories is constantly in great demand, so it's no surprise that sales in this category of visuals are so strong. What also makes it easy to create this type of content is getting started in the process by editing the already existing images instead of crafting them from scratch.


Albert Paschen

13. Embracing Tranquil Countryside Landscapes

Countryside settings provide a calm respite from the rush and bustle of city life. These images get viewers to tranquil locations. Again, the demand for relaxing and peaceful content never ceases. Such content, in fact, is highly sought-after and has a plentiful space for imagination.


Jose Luis Sousa

14. Integrating Animals into Everyday Life

Incorporating animals into regular human life situations is a fun and engaging trend. AI can transform ordinary scenes involving animals in human activities into remarkable visuals. This results in visually captivating and relatable content. Moreover, this approach eliminates the technical complications associated with obtaining model releases, as there is no need for a release when the scene primarily features animals participating in human activities.


Rich Nish

15. Discovering Niches: Underwater Wonders and More

Traditional photography underwater, in mountainous environments, and other challenging settings can be fraught with obstacles that deter many creators. However, AI tools offer a solution, enabling creators to overcome these challenges and generate exceptional visuals. By leveraging AI, creators can tap into markets where high-quality content is scarce. This approach not only simplifies experimentation with marine environments but also positions AI-transformed creations as in-demand assets in the market.


Enis Dulic


AI-generated imagery presents numerous opportunities for creative exploration in these categories and trends. While embarking on your journey as an AI creator, it's important to remember that creating content for marketplaces can seem straightforward, but achieving sales can be challenging. We recommend aspiring creators to discover their niche or niches, as this timeless best practice has proven successful for many.


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