Best Selling Video Topics for Spring 2024
Photo by Wirestock Creators

Best Selling Video Topics for Spring 2024

Published on March 20, 2024

We have a list of best-selling hot topics that are now on demand here at Wirestock curated just for you.

If you're wondering what kinds of videos are currently in vogue and likely to sell well, you're in the right place. Let's explore the top trends that can take your content sales to the next level and boost your earnings.

Ready to dive? Keep reading to discover some of the top-selling topics for video content.  


In April we are hungry for human interaction and excitement. Gear up and shoot graduation festivities whether it’s a group of university friends hanging around in their gowns, or kindergarten students getting ready for their final ceremony - we are all here for that.

Keep in mind that while graduation is a formal ceremony, people want to look their best during it. Therefore, videographers need to plan and execute their shooting with a pinch of fashion taste. Don’t be too lazy to research a bit of color coordination and plan your video shooting accordingly. 

Colors are essential for visual aesthetics especially if you want to sell and monetise your content on marketplaces. 

Here at Wirestock our content team is hungry for imagination so don’t be afraid to take the risk of being creative. 

Let the graduates showcase the extracurricular activities in their lives while being in full traditional graduation attire.

US and International Events

The real fun and festivities are just starting. While we may already be through the Christmas and Valentine’s Day buzz - there are still many more to explore! With Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter festivities under the nose - it is an amazing time to explore different cultures and traditions. 

Whether it’s a family gathering celebrating Easter or a parade in New York City - never forget your camera at home during this time of the year.

Anything exotic or fun is celebrated in the month of April, therefore do your research, go out with friends, take part in fun parades and shoot amazing content for marketplaces!

US Popular Sports

Let’s move on and capture the magic of sports that gathers people from various backgrounds and cultures together. 2024 promises lots of sports highlights. Several significant events stand out, such as the NBA All-Star Game, the Super Bowl, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and numerous other yearly sports gatherings.

It is important to be prepared to shoot popular sports events to avoid technical setbacks. The key is to have fun and be creative. The charm of sports lies in its unpredictability, often resulting in surprising and even your most impressive captures!

Make sure to get all the necessary permissions from people appearing in your shots and try not to include any branded content.

Beer Industry and Brewery

Turns out we are just some of the ones looking forward to Friday nights to enjoy a pint with friends. 

Beer and brewery is a hot topic for marketplaces to look out for in April. This gives creators a wide range of what-to-shoot content since both beer shots at parties and pubs, and brewery industry gear and technologies are embraced at this time of the year.

Whether you’re in the countryside where brewery has been a longstanding tradition for centuries, or celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with your Irish friends at a local pub, make sure to have your camera on you to capture amazing moments and have fun with it!

People Underwater

Experienced videographers and photographers know how hard it is to capture clear shots underwater, especially when capturing people underwater. Which is why marketplaces are on the lookout for this exact content.

Shooting underwater presents a unique set of challenges that will dictate how creators shoot and what they shoot with. 

While filming people underwater, try to capture human’s connection to exotic underwater wildlife and botany.

Bear in mind, that filming underwater is both challenging and expensive, as, besides the camera, creators need to gear up with diving attire.

Asian Friends

Marketplaces are embracing Asian culture in their on-demand content list, and footage of Asian friends remains a hot topic for monetisation.

Creators can capture classic stock videos of Asian friends having fun or hanging out at a local pub, cafe, or park.

This is a great opportunity for creators with diverse friend groups and/or from different countries of Asia.

Need some inspiration? We got you covered. Check out our content page where we showcase our creators’ content in various categories.

Islamic Lifestyle

Capture the beauty of Islam in daily life. In 2024 we are hunting for content showcasing Muslim people doing daily chores and activities, celebrating traditional and religious holidays together, and attending various events.

In a world hungry for diverse cultural experiences, the Islamic lifestyle offers a rich tapestry of traditions and values waiting to be shared. Videographers have a unique chance to capture the beauty of daily rituals and festive celebrations, offering fresh perspectives to a global audience. Through their lens, they can bridge understanding and foster appreciation for the depth and diversity within Islamic communities, enriching our collective cultural fabric.

EV Cards

For creators, filming stock footage of EV cars and electric cars charging isn't just about capturing cool shots—it's about meeting a rising demand for content that promotes sustainable transportation. As more people embrace electric vehicles, there's a real hunger for visuals that showcase these eco-friendly options in action. By filming scenes of EVs cruising and charging up, videographers can add their piece to a global collection of content that filmmakers, advertisers, and creators everywhere are clamoring for. It's a chance to make a meaningful contribution while also tapping into a growing market that values sustainability and innovation.

Back to School

If you're scratching your head wondering what to film next, consider diving into the world of back-to-school themes! It's like stepping into a scene straight out of everyone's memory lane, with bustling classrooms, students eagerly soaking up knowledge, and that unmistakable energy of a new academic year. Not only is this content visually captivating, but it's also in high demand all year round. Think about it—every year, there's a fresh wave of students, teachers, and parents eager for relatable footage. For videographers, that means a golden opportunity to turn those classroom moments into a steady stream of income through stock footage sales. So grab your camera and get ready to capture the magic of the school season!

Stop motion, composting, split screen, FX on images and many more

And last but not least, this season marketplaces are looking for content that can easily be alienated for different projects and campaigns. If you have the appropriate gear and are ready to challenge yourself with the beauty of stop motion, composting, split screen filming or FX on real images - then this is a dream come true for you!

As these topics are somewhat hard and challenging to create, there is a huge market for creators specialising in these categories, so don’t waste your time, gear up and start creating!