Tunnelmotion's Creative Journey and Experience with Wirestock
Photo by Tunnelmotion

Tunnelmotion's Creative Journey and Experience with Wirestock

Published on April 23, 2020

Tunnelmotions is a motion and graphic designer from the suburbs of Cologne, Germany. He sells and freely distributes multicolored and mind-bending VJ loops, science fiction wallpaper and motion backgrounds. He is entirely self-taught in his craft and creates science fiction inspired images and videos which are beautiful and captivating. His  success with Wirestock, and the quality of his work make him an inspiring candidate for our interview with him about his creative journey and experience with stock photography.


What is the background of the name: “Tunnelmotions”?

It's simple. Mostly I do SciFi tunnel inspired work so I decided to choose this name.


How old are you now? How long have you been creative for? How did you get started with motion graphic design?

I am 30 years old. I have been doing this for a long time. I started creating music for a Youtube channel when I was 17. I had to search for background videos for music I was making and realized I could make these videos myself. I never had the talent to make music, but continued learning and watching tutorial videos about motion design. 


Who are your artistic inspirations? 

My inspiration would be Ghost Team. I think they are the most incredible loop designer I know of. 


What inspires you to choose your choice of colors and geometry?

I choose my colors and geometry based on my own personal taste. Sometimes if I see something that works well somewhere else, I will use that as well. 


What is the most difficult part of creating your graphic designs?

The most difficult part is to stay motivated to work on it. But the process of making it is not difficult at all. That’s what makes it so nice for me.


Do you have other hobbies?

My second hobby is  programming/scripting.


How did you first discover Wirestock? Why did you choose to sign up?

I discovered Wirestock through a Youtube video from Crafted Shutter. So, I researched about the company and found an interview with the CEO of Wirestock which impressed me. Afterwards, it was a business decision. Tagging is time consuming and if I have to tag my photos all day I can only concentrate on the stock photography market alone. This didn’t make sense for me and I don't like standing on one foot. Thankfully, with Wirestock tagging my photos, I have more time to work on other things.


How does Wirestock help you in your artistic endeavors? 

The most amazing thing about Wirestock is how easy it is to upload your photos and not waste time tagging them. Besides this, the customer support has been really good. Everyone I have spoken to in the company has been nice and seem to really try to understand what we need as artists. 


In your opinion, how can Wirestock improve its services?

It would be great for Wirestock to have video support, and the possibility of downloading files with IPTC for uploading to the other sites that Wirestock doesn’t work with. Also, a community space with Wirestock would be a nice addition as well.


How did you transition from being a motion graphic designer to selling images with stock photography?

I had been thinking about doing it for a while, but I hesitated for a long time because I thought my designs would not sell on stock photography sites. Now I know that’s not true.


How can you afford to sell your motion graphic designs cheaply or free?

I give some things for free as a marketing strategy. Most people will first search on the internet for what is free. Many people come to my website for this reason initially, and from there I can upsell them for better frame rates and for a commercial license. I get many downloads on Pixabay which helps me get in contact with many people and then, they can begin to know me as an artist.


What can you say to inspire anyone curious about doing what you do? How can they get started in this work?

I would suggest for them to download the free program Blender 3D and go watch the Youtube channel Ducky 3D. That's it.


Anything else you would like to add to inspire creatives and the Wirestock community?

If you have a skill you are passionate about (and your friends can see it also), believe somewhere there is a person willing to pay for it. So, don't think too much about whether or not it will sell. Work on the skills you need to enhance your art and really, don't think too much about it.