Wirestock's top picks for June!
Photo by Marko Klarić

Wirestock's top picks for June!

Published on May 13, 2020

To help you know what concepts and subjects to base your work here's a list of high-demand content for June.

Remember Wirestockers, for the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and body types. Keep your model releases as well as property releases for recognizable locations loaded! For all original artwork, property releases are required.

 Mental Health

Photo courtesy of Matthew De Lange

Many people are focused on their mental health now more than ever. Photos and illustrations  based on mental health care will be a high demand theme this month. Some ideas for topics to shoot around mental health are:

-Meditation, exercise, reading, beauty, and self-care routines.

-Therapy, mental health care professionals, and clients.

-Images encouraging detachment from technology. Depicting taking a step back from technology and connecting with ourselves and our families will be in high demand this month.

-Shooting any way you are finding peace of mind in these tumultuous times will be well-received this month.


Photo courtesy of Masoud Rezaeipoor

Many of us are at home paying close attention to the media and the news now. Images and illustrations of people catching up on the news will be in high demand this month. Some ideas are:

-People watching the news or reading a newspaper. Images of people scanning through the news on their phones.

-Current events locally and internationally. Illustrations with speech bubbles, depicting people’s impressions of the news content.

-A hopeful and motivational take on the news content will be well-received content this month.

At-Home Education

Photo courtesy of Nelson Martínez

Now many of us are taking courses online and picking up new hobbies: learning how to cook, a new language, or how to draw. Many kids and teens are also taking their formal educational classes at home. Images depicting how you are learning in the home will be highly sought after this month. Some ideas are:

-How kids have taken responsibilities around the home. Kids cleaning their rooms, doing chores, and studying.

-Parents teaching and helping their kids with their studies.

-Illustrations and images detailing the experiences taking online courses, skill-building, and picking up new hobbies.

-Zoom calls and video learning content.

-Families playing and learning together (board games, reading, card games).


person holding white pen writing on white book

Photo courtesy of Sorin Gheorghita

Now is the time to get creative and make a collage. Picking one theme in quarantine and basing a collage around that theme will be well-received this month. Possible themes are:

-Self-care. Drawing different ways a person can engage in self-care activities (face masks, meditation, vitamins, yoga) and make a collage out of those drawings.

-Cooking. Creating a collage with images of cooking utensils, and things around the kitchen (cakes, pastries, spoons, knives, kitchen appliances).

-Gardening. Collages of gardening tools and equipment (watering can, flowers, gardening gloves, wheelbarrow).

-Education. Collages of educational tools you are using now (pencils, notebooks, laptops, calculators).