Wirepicks for March 2024
Photo by Wirestock Creators

Wirepicks for March 2024

Published on February 27, 2024

As we wave goodbye to February's chill, our Wirepicks series is here to fuel your creativity for March. From sustainability to Easter traditions, cozy home decor to wellness vibes, and ending with Saint Patrick's Day, our lineup promises not just inspiration, but also significant earning potential. Are you ready to delve into these marketable themes and discover where March can take your profits? Let's embark on this journey of inspiration and financial success together!


Sustainability is future, therefore in March we seek content that showcases people installing bike racks on sidewalks, or solar panels appearing on roofs and in the gardens.Choosing sustainability isn't just about being trendy—it's about making a real difference. 

Showcase sustainable practices, from eco-friendly products to renewable energy initiatives. Gear up and spread awareness!


Need we say more? Whether you are an AI creator, a videographer, or a photographer, it’s always a good idea to capture moments of lovely traditions that are more than religious practices. 

It’s spring so have fun with themes and colours, since many companies are in hunt for fresh Easter content. Let us help you elevate your sales via uploading your content on Wirestock and boosting your income!

Home Decor

There’s no limit to human creativity. That sure is reflected in our home decor and exterior design.

Try to capture human individuality in their houses, or maybe even inspire people looking for design ideas. Whatever you do - have fun with it!


Zen is now. Tap into your inner peace and reflect it via shooting wellness content, or generating meditation practices. Who said that wellness can’t be fun and creative?

For March, we appreciate some peace, quite, and serenity.

Florals and Botanicals

Can you imagine spring without nature? Exactly. Whether it's showcasing vibrant blooms, lush greenery, or intricate botanical details, these images have the power to inspire creativity, uplift moods, and enhance the visual appeal of any digital platform. So, let's embrace the beauty of botanicals and florals in our content, bringing a breath of fresh air to our digital world.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Let’s celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style! Indulging in Irish traditions, or sharing stories of luck and leprechauns, here at Wirestock we are craving for Saint Patrick’s Day content in March.

Here's to shamrocks, pots of gold, and a bit of luck o' the Irish in everything we share! 


Wirepicks for March highlights the diversity of human nature and creativity, from wellness to easter and home decor. Stay tuned for more Wirepicks and trends to shoot.

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