Wirestock's Top Picks for November!
Photo by Jose Flores

Wirestock's Top Picks for November!

Published on December 16, 2020

Here's a list of high-demand content for November so that you know what concepts and subjects to base your work on. Remember Wirestockers: for the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and body types. Always upload your model releases as well as property releases for recognizable locations! For all original artwork, property releases are required.

This coming month, we are looking for content related to COVID-19, Women in Leadership roles, Winter time, and Outdoor activities.


Women in Leadership Roles:

Photo courtesy of Kazuo ota

  • It is the 21st century and more women are on the rise. Now is the time to capture photos of women in leadership roles. Think:
  • Women leading a team as managers or CEOs in businesses, hotels, restaurants, or stores. 
  • Women taking initiative and running creative projects and small businesses.
  • Women in healthcare professions (Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons).
  • Collaboration between women (in meetings, ZOOM calls, conferences).

Women in any environment which has been previously male-dominated. 


Winter time:

person wearing gray sock standing on stairs

Photo courtesy of Alex Geerts

Winter is coming and it is time to start preparing your images. Maybe the snow hasn’t fallen yet, but you can still capture the winter time vibe for this month. We recommend shooting:

  • Indoor activities. Board games, card games, family hangouts by a fire.
  • Winter fashion. Time to dig out your winter clothes. Think about coordinating colors that make for a nice winter palette.
  • -Holiday decorations. While you’re at it, take out the holiday decorations and start capturing winter-themed photos with them.
  • Winter concepts. Coziness, Quietness, Peace, Cold.  How does winter make you feel? After, arrange your props to support that concept or feeling. 



Photo courtesy of Mufid Majnun

The times have drastically changed this past year because of COVID-19, and we all have had to adapt. As time passes, we are becoming more accustomed to the new-normal and how to comfortably manage it. This month we recommend shooting:

  • Subtle ways your environment has changed since COVID-19 (in your office, shops, or in your home). Get creative with masks and hand sanitizer. How can you shoot them differently? 
  • Responsible measures you are taking to stay healthy. (Doctors offices, masks, testing centers, Doctors, Nurses, social distancing, research findings).
  • In the beginning, we were all getting used to it. Now we have grown more comfortable with all the changes. Capturing this adaptability you and the people around you have shown to the changing conditions is recommended this month. What creative ways are you and your friends connecting these days? How has your life changed?


Outdoor Activities:

Photo courtesy of Alex Simpson

Many things have been cancelled this year, but thankfully, going outside has remained an option. Capture how you are spending time outdoors this year.

  • Sports. Surfing, swimming, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, parkour.
  • Parks. Many of us have been spending time picnicking in a park with friends, doing Yoga, painting, playing frisbee, or flying a kite. Capturing your time in parks will be a good idea this month. 
  • Gardening. Images of gardens and your experience harvesting will be popular now.