Top 4 Best Ways to Sell AI videos in 2024
Photo by Wirestock Creators

Top 4 Best Ways to Sell AI videos in 2024

Published on February 22, 2024

Sora, lately launched by OpenAI, has caused a big buzz for the GenAI community, as it can generate super realistic videos from text instructions. AI-generated videos have become significantly famous overnight, attracting digital creators from various backgrounds to explore this new tech. 


Whether you're a pro in the AI content creation scene or just someone who loves playing around with tech and creativity, content monetization is a cool addition to your projects, and there are always options for it. For some, it's a fun way to spice up their work, while for others, it's a chance to earn extra cash on different platforms, thanks to AI doing its thing! 

Let’s explore some of the most effective ways to sell your AI-generated videos together.



Wirestock allows AI video creators to sell their content by simply uploading it to the platform, after which the content gets automatically keyworded and captioned, then distributed to the top 10+ leading marketplaces for sale such as Adobe Stock, 123RF, Imago, and so on.

Creators can also access advanced AI tools to craft authentic visuals or to enhance their existing work. Additionally, Wirestock runs daily topic-based AI challenges where winners get cash prizes.  

Ready to dive into the world of creativity and sell your AI-generated videos? Join Wirestock and start selling your AI-generated videos and more.



Another way is freelancing. As in other freelance projects, the same refers to AI generative content. There are a wide range of options, starting with Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. Getting started on these platforms is a no-brainer. Simply log in or sign up, set your profile up, and start finding GenAI video content requests.

Direct Commissions

You guessed it. Making money with generative art is like selling you regular illustrations or paintings via direct commissions. Simply put your creations online and wait for people to notice them, after which they might reach out to you and ask for personalized pieces. You can give Artsi AI a try if you’re new to social media and don’t have a huge audience for promoting your own art. 

Stock Agencies

Last but not least, stock agencies. Stock agencies have been a leading platform for monetizing your digital content for decades, starting with photography, then utilizing video content, and now AI-generated content. However, stock agencies have their cons as well. One of the major ones is that not all of them accept AI-generated content for now. As generative AI continues to advance rapidly, many stock agencies are beginning to revise their policy requirements accordingly. 

Another issue with stock agencies is that they don't handle keywording and captioning for your uploaded content. On top of that, creators need to upload a significant amount of content to boost their account's ranking, which helps their content appear at the top of search results.

These issues are resolved with Wirestock, as the platform reviews your content, and keywords, and captions it for you, after which distributes it to leading marketplaces.

With the booming excitement around AI generative content and recent advancements in cutting-edge technology, especially AI video creation, there's significant potential for evolving monetization channels. GenAI creators should stay informed about best practices in this rapidly changing field to seize endless opportunities.