How to Start A Photography YouTube Channel
Photo by Miguel Angel Junquera

How to Start A Photography YouTube Channel

Published on May 31, 2021

How to start a Photography Youtube Channel 

To take the decision to start a  Photography Youtube channel is a massive step in itself, but after that comes the real struggle; a lot of questions will run in your head, just like in English grammar the WH questions (what, who, how, and when)  

Here are a few tips for you to kick start your channel:

First and foremost, put a concrete plan, a schedule to follow, something like a guidebook. You can share your knowledge and skills by talking about them, tutorials on the software you use, and sharing your experience; those are more important for your viewers. The rawer you are, the better if you are starting new or with little experience. Be honest. Some viewers love to see the progress of a person. The journey of a new creator growing in their passion 

Photo by Miguel Angel Junquera

Being genuine and authentic to yourself, in other words, coming up with unique ideas, try to think out of the box. Viewers are more interested in that. Don’t be afraid if your ideas sound crazy. Keep in mind the goal of your video or your channel, in general, should be to educate, motivate, and entertain; with this in mind, your videos will be raw and relatable to your viewers.    

 The technical part of your channel

Photo by Salvador Fernandez

Let's dive for a bit into the technical part. 

Signing up and creating your channel is totally free, but it might break your bank when it comes to the equipment, so don’t get caught up on the expensive gear. Get a good camera to help you with that one; our blog article will help you find the right one. You’ll need a tripod to keep your videos professional and of good quality and a good microphone for good quality audio, and you’re all set.

Here are some examples of microphones that you can use a lav mic to put on your shirt. It catches a specific sound but watch out for clothing friction sounds. (Sara monic lav mic plus de2m is a good option ) or you can use a shotgun mic; you’ll be hands-free. It will minimize background sound (rode ntg2 shotgun). A camera mount mic is suitable for shooting on the go; consider here which type of microphone you want: a mono mic that captures one sound or a stereo mic that will pick the ambiance.

Photo by Malte Wiggers

And regarding tripods, here is where a bit more expensive will make you go a long way. Here are some tips on choosing your tripod; Avoid center columns: height-adjustable tripods with center columns introduce a lot of vibration and instability to your camera rig. Aluminum tripods are usually much more prone to vibrations. Load capacity: every tripod will have a maximum load capacity, ranging from 7-10 lbs for cheaper models and upwards of 50 kg for higher-end types. If you plan well, it’ll go a long while in the future. Keep in mind you’ll be getting more equipment, and you'll need a good quality tripod to hold all that weight and still give you good quality footage. Head and bowl mount it’s easy to level and balance a fluid head in a pinch to get that perfect shot if you use a quality head with the appropriate counterbalance and weight load.

Also, put a bit of effort into making catchy thumbnails and eye-catching titles.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small youtube channel lookout; for the length of the video title.

Use keywords to let the search engines know what your content is about; also, put the appropriate keyword at the start of the title if possible. 

Finally, don’t use clickbait; it can be damaging for your audience, and they will get disappointed and stop watching your videos.

Photo by Ramiz Dedakovic

Lastly, don’t do it for the money as much; it’s intriguing to want to make money; we are not saying don’t make money, just make sure that is not the sole purpose of the channel. It’s going to take time for you to establish your channel; don’t rush. Remember, hard work pays off. Stick to your ideas, be true to yourself and always have fun and enjoy the journey. Always have this in mind.