Top Picks for June
Photo by Ciprian Olaru

Top Picks for June

Published on April 30, 2021

As we are nearing the month of June, here is a list of content to base your workaround on. Remember, diversity is vital for an excellent productive result; hence don’t forget to include individuals of different backgrounds, ages, genders, abilities, body types, and ethnicities. The last hint as we will dive into ideas or examples of what you can shoot, don’t forget to upload your model or property releases of recognizable people and locations! For artwork, a property release is a must as well. Let us break it down, shall we?

Apartments and Houses 

Images of residences (houses, condos, apartments)are in demand right now. Dare to spice it up. Take shots of the exact location at different times of the day; you’ll notice the difference instantly. We mean day and night, different angles of the city, villages, and the suburbs. Consider including a property release signed by the owner and try avoiding logos and license plates in your photographs.  

Photo by Jos Saris


Local Businesses 

As you walk the streets of your neighborhood, look around; there are always exciting clips or shots to capture, let’s say, a florist at the corner of the road, a small shack selling street food, and the list goes on. Remember, for your shots to be successfully selling, avoid artworks and logos that are recognizable. Keep it authentic. 

Photo by Adrian Skiles

Large Organizations 

Covid took us by a storm; some buildings stopped functioning as they used to, such as churches, restaurants, universities, hospitals, and convention centers are empty or abandoned; take advantage of that and show us from your lens how you see them, that being from different angles and standpoints. Change your approach to how you look at concrete buildings and structures. Don’t forget to savor the moment.

Photo by A. K. Dean


Video clips 

This month we need to see original video clips while keeping the high-quality standard. UGS is a trend to get a better idea about what we are talking about; here is our recent blog article about this topic. Look at things from a different angle and stay true to your style of video making.

Photo by Thierry Costa