9 Different Types of Photography to Pursue as a Professional
Photo by Djavan Rodriguez

9 Different Types of Photography to Pursue as a Professional

Published on January 21, 2021

When choosing to become a photographer, there are a lot of specialties to choose from. There is so much beauty in the world just waiting to be captured and it’s your job to get it done. Anything can be a good subject for a photographer, whether it be the outdoors, a sporting event, your neighbor’s pet, or a pretty building near your house. Once you find out what interests you, I can guarantee you there is a specialization out there for you. 

1. Architectural Photography

Photo by Mostafa Meraji

Every building has unique elements that make it beautiful to look at. Sometimes, these beautiful and unique elements can only be seen by someone who knows how to capture them. Those who are able to see these subtle beauties should think about specializing in architectural photography. This type of photography involves shooting both interiors and exteriors of barns, high rises, warehouses, and homes. 

If you practice enough, your images may be featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest. Realtors will also pay freelance architectural photographers to take pictures of homes they are trying to put on the market. Seeing the different parts of a house, which most people simply overlook, as beautiful and being able to capture that beauty, is a special talent.  

2. Sports Photography

Photo by Leah Hetteberg

There will never be a dull moment, working as a sports photographer. Whether you’re shooting basketball, soccer, football, or tennis, there is always something to capture. Players celebrating after scoring a goal, a good play, players from other teams interacting, candid moments during the game, and so many other moments need to be photographed. 

There is so much drama that goes on during a sporting event, that provides a photographer lots of opportunities to get a good shot. If you aim to be a sports photographer, be ready to constantly be on your toes. The players will not hold their pose, they are playing a game, so if you miss the shot, you miss the shot. Get used to shooting with a faster shutter speed and an ultra-zoom lens. 

3. Editorial Photography

Photo by Daria Magazzu

Editorial photography is usually done in conjunction with a written article in a magazine or a newspaper. The images taken can be horizontal or vertical to fit the layout of the magazine or newspaper. There is less freedom with editorial photography because the subject of the photo has to match what the article is about. 

4. Fashion Photography

Photo by Hannah Korn

There is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to fashion photography. Although you have to work with models, creative directors, and stylists, you can get creative in your photography. Your number one as a fashion photographer is to make the clothes look good and persuade consumers to buy them. 

They can work anywhere, including taking pictures of models walking on the runway, in a studio, or on location on the streets of New York. This style of photography is mostly featured online and in fashion magazines. You will need to have a strong vision as to what kind of shot you want, as you will spend a lot of time directing the model to get your shot.

5. Pet Photography

Photo by Katie Bernotsky

If we know one thing it's that people love their pets and will do anything for them, so of course, they would want pictures of them everywhere! If you love animals and photography, there is no better way to put your two passions together than to become a pet photographer. Sure, sometimes they’ll be less cooperative than a human would be, but they are cuter and more fun to be around. 

Like fashion photography, you can take these pictures both in a studio and out on location. If you choose to go this route, make sure you always have a hefty bag of treats up your sleeve to help get the pet to cooperate. You can advertise your skills and try to get new clients by posting your business cards and information at local veterinarian offices and doggy daycares. 

6. Portrait Photography

Photo by Fluid Imagery

Anyone who grew up going to department stores to have their portraits taken is familiar with portrait photography. That setting isn’t so popular anymore, but the style of photography is as popular as ever. People want to document every stage of their lives with a photoshoot. Portrait photographers would cover family photos, newborn photoshoots, senior portraits, pregnancy photos and engagement photos.

A good portrait photographer is able to make these photos feel natural. It can be easy for these photos to come out looking stale and posed, but a good photographer will prevent this. The key is to make the subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera and give natural facial expressions. Getting candid shots is always a good idea, as those often are the ones that turn out to be everyone’s favorites. 

7. Event Photography

Photo by Slim Emcee

Event photography is a big moneymaker because everyone wants their events documented. Besides making money, you get to enjoy all kinds of events. Someone has to be the one to document concerts, festivals, and carnivals so why can’t it be you? It would make for great candid shots and will help you find that same feeling when doing other styles of photography.

Events like birthdays, weddings, and other parties are tricky. If you commit to shoot a wedding, you have to be on your toes the whole time. People want to remember everything about their wedding and you have to be ready to capture it all. Be ready to move around and find the excitement. If you do it right, it’ll be a great networking opportunity.

8. Travel Photography

Photo by Jakob Owens

If you want to see the world and make money off the photographs you take, then travel photography is the route for you. To be a travel photographer, you would have to master other types of photography as well. If you’re in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, you might want to take pictures of the beautiful architecture. The main goal of travel photography is to make the viewer feel as if they are transported to whatever location you’re photographing. If you can do that, you’re golden.

9. Photojournalism

Photo by Andrew Winkler

The job of a photojournalist is to document the news through pictures. Their work is commonly found in newspapers, online publications, and magazines. Whether they are at the scene of a crime, a protest, a community event or a natural disaster, photojournalists need to be capturing everything in an unbiased objective manner. While they will attend planned events as well as breaking news, the goal of both events is to capture unscripted candid moments that people want to see.