Urban Photography
Photo by Michal Dec

Urban Photography

Published on June 9, 2021

The world of urban and city photography is vast, and to be put in one place as a guide is tough. Indeed the questions, when, how, and what will cross your mind. 

Technical Tips 


First and foremost, the key is to love taking walks and exploring, and for you to do that, you’ll need a lighter camera, preferably a mirrorless camera. As much as SLR cams, popular mirrorless cameras are too. A friendly light camera and a prime lens will do just fine.


 A suitable 24-70mm or  24-105 mm zoom lens will do great you don’t need more than that.But for you to avoid the heavy equipment, a 24-70m or 25-105mm will do the trick.For street photography, 35mm and 55mm are the go-to lenses. a bag with a 35mm 50mmand a mid-range zoom lens, and pretty sure you’ll cover anything you want to shoot in the city 


Photo by Temi Ogunwumi

Street photography camera settings

You’ll need a fast shutter speed to capture the movement of the people who are walking or doing these daily activities. Try maintaining a 1/250 or quicker during the night. 

Long exposure 

Here you can take photographs of people in train or metro station will help you as dark places and there will be lots of crowds during rush hour. Use 2 to 6 seconds for the shutter speed; you’ll have great results. 

Photo by Eric Border

Us the rule of third is one of the basics in photography. Also, don’t forget to center the subject in the photograph. You decide where you want to make your viewer’s eye travel to the subject you want to show. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to change angles; it’ll make it more dynamic. 


Its a known fact the best time to catch natural light, either dusk or dawn, and where everything shines so bright but dare to take photos during other times of the opportunities for your imagination to take flight 

Photography at night 

Using a tripod is a necessary tool, but high ISO can save you as well; the only downside is that you’ll have grainy images. For street photography, ISO 3200 and 6400 are good options. Aperture F2 shutter speed 1/125 or 1/80 and seek where there is light which means put yourself between the light and the subject.

Photo by Geert De Brabander

Street and urban Photography needs practice and thinking out of the box. Get creative do the crazy ideas it’ll surely be unique and as always, enjoy while you are taking pictures