Why Doing Stock Photography Now is a No-Brainer
Photo by Miguel Angel Junquera

Why Doing Stock Photography Now is a No-Brainer

Published on April 2, 2020

As many of us are forced to work at home, it is an ideal time to acquire a new source of passive income and set up a stock photography portfolio.  

Stock photography is the business of selling images online to be licensed for specific purposes. An example is: if a blogger needs a photo to support their content, or if an ad agency needs an image for a promotion they are running, they will go online to find photos to help promote their product or service. Anyone can participate and make a little money with stock photography.  If you have a camera, and a quality photo, there is no reason not to.

The money. Any photo can sell countless amounts of times. Over time, you can make hundreds of dollars from that one random, high-quality photo you have sitting on your phone now. 

If you are experienced in stock photography you know that in order to raise your chances of selling a photo, you must upload your photo to multiple distribution sites, and manually enter in keywords to increase the visibility of your photo so it sells. This process can be laborious and irritatingly time-consuming. Even though many of us have time now, it still does not make sense to waste it this way.

With Wirestock, it is easy for anyone to engage, and work freelance from your home. If you love photography and have some quality photos or illustrations that might be able to be sold for commercial or editorial uses, you can sign up with Wirestock for free and begin submitting.

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Photo courtesy of Mindspace Studio      

With Wirestock, you keep all the contents copyright forever. They help only distribute your photos. In the vast sea of photos on the internet, there is a lot of competition in stock photography. Because Wirestock has a large portfolio and has high approval and download rankings, all images listed through them have higher discoverability than newbie accounts.

Wirestock’s goal is that you sell your photos because they only make money when you do.

What happens is: you upload a photo and the team at Wirestock adds captions and keywords and distributes it to 6 of the largest marketplaces in stock photography. When your photos are sold, Wirestock takes only 15% of your revenue and you keep 85%.  Wirestock has higher royalty rates than you can find submitting independently as a newcomer. After your account exceeds $30.00, you can be paid out with PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.

Wirestock is the modern-day solution for stock photography freelancers. As the easiest platform to submit your photos, with higher royalty rates, and higher visibility rates, it is a no-brainer for all stock photographers.

If you are interested, here are tips on how to be successful with stock photography.