WirePicks for April 2022
Photo by Brooke Cagle

WirePicks for April 2022

Published on March 2, 2022


With April showers giving way to beautiful flowers, here at Wirestock we bring you the most requested content for the upcoming month. In April, expect to see a lot of demand for people in studio settings, hearty graduation content, Earth Day imagery, and the everlasting beauty of inclusivity. 

Studio Action


Dag j. Theo Trønningsdal

A studio setting is going to be big come April. The way you can go around it is by taking people of different ages, ethnicities, sexual identities, and physical abilities and putting them in a studio. Assemble still life shots of objects that run the gamut from abstract decorations to electronics, office appliances, food ingredients, or plated meals. Try and opt out white backgrounds, and get creative with the lighting; it can be both dramatic and subdued, completely up to you.

Graduating Class


Andre Hunter

It's time to let that cap fly high, and produce amazing some shots in the meantime. Graduation imagery is going to be very in demand in April, so make sure to beautifully capture all the emotion and excitement of that very special day. Depict graduates wearing their cap and gown, both in dormitories and at home. Aim to include graduates taking pictures with their family and friends on campus, as well as the moments where they walk across the stage to collect their diplomas. 

Happy Earth Day


Drago Cobra Gatolin

Earth Day is upon us, and marketplaces are looking for imagery that celebrates conservation; this could range from people doing clean-ups in nature all the way to community recycling. Showcase neighbors bonding while tending to their gardens. Include pictures of wildlife and natural beauties without people in frame. Do not forget to shoot sources of alternative energy, like solar panels and electrical bicycles.

Celebrating Inclusivity


Haval Othmaan

We all know that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, but visual representation still has a long way to go. In April specifically, you should aim to capture images and videos that celebrate diversity and true representation for all. Take photos of non-binary individuals in day-to-day routines, people of various ages, shapes, and ethnicities, as well as inclusive beauty routines.