WirePicks for August 2022
Photo by Camila Cordeiro

WirePicks for August 2022

Published on July 4, 2022

Browse through our monthly WirePicks, a guide to shooting content that's guaranteed to sell. For the month of August, you're going to have to go all-in with road trip imagery, add orange tints to everything you shoot, get ready to go back to school, and depict doctor's visits in creative, non-conventional ways.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

On the Road Again 

For summer's concluding chapter, you're going to want to hit the road. Users will be searching for imagery depicting people in a car, traveling, and embarking on all the fun adventures a road trip has to offer. Show couples or friends chatting away as they cruise along highways and scenic routes. Celebrate the joy of arrival and the glee of pulling over to take in all the scenery.

This August, it's all about cargo capacity. Get ready to shoot families packing their vehicles with supplies, bags, and beach chairs; don't forget about the pets either. While shooting, do not forget to include scenes depicting safety by showing parents strapping their kids into car seats. 


Photo by Gerry Juwono

Vitamin C Vibes 

As a color with a lot of staying power, orange is the warmth and positivity you're going to need this summer season. For a fashion angle, show off models flaunting orange clothes and accessories on and off the runway. Make sure no brand names or logos are visible.

In demand are also the abstract interpretations utilizing the color, such as floral, paisley, or creative patterns. You can also include families or artists painting using the color. Whether on paper, on a wall, or on a canvas, users (especially designers) are going to love this scene.

Last but not least, make sure to capture moments in life where the color orange seamlessly blends into the background. It can be a literal background, or it can be a set scenery heavily featuring the color.


Photo by Tim Gouw

Back to School

Since you're shooting ahead for the month of August, you have to account for the fact that colleges, schools, and universities all around the world are opening their doors up again. It's your job to provide fresh imagery and footage showcasing this exciting experience from all its angles. School can mean anything from crayons to campus life. Include students ages 5-21 in all educational environments and situations. Don't miss out on school supplies either, they're going to be in high demand.

This August, let's see students engaging in all sorts of aspects of college life. Show them moving into dorms, kicking it at the student union, exploring campuses, and playing sports.


Photo by Viki Mohamad

Doctor's Room

Fresh healthcare content is always a surefire way of getting noticed as a contributor. Show people of all ages interacting with doctors and healthcare professionals, shoot scenes of families filling out paper forms and sitting in waiting rooms. Do not shy away from all the complex emotions either. It is only natural that a patient shows a variety of emotions from happiness to uncertainty while visiting the doctor's office. Visiting hours are a wonderful opportunity to depict family members dropping in on relatives after surgery, holding newborn babies, bringing in flowers, supporting each other with balloons, etc.