WirePicks for February 2022
Photo by Annie Spratt

WirePicks for February 2022

Published on January 21, 2022

Browse through our February WirePicks—a roadmap to the most requested content through winter’s concluding chapter. As an ode to the chilly season, you’re going to want to incorporate winter in your shot list alongside warm tones, family rituals, and more.



Daniel Rönneberg

Winters can be chilly and challenging, but good photography is capable of making it look like the coziest thing on earth. It’s a key task brands and professionals should keep in mind these days, because creating winter magic is much more than snapping shots of snow. First thing you’ll need to keep in mind are the color trends in stock photography, which, as you’ll most likely notice, go way beyond the red-and-green box. Think about incorporating colors like Pearl White, Dark Emerald, Fuchsia Rose, and Graphite Gray; creativity is key (but you already knew that).

Warm Tones


Marko Klarić

Designers expect a gradual shift away from curated and sharp mid-century modern aesthetics; instead they’ll lean into tones that are more eclectic, playful, and soft to the eye. More patterns, textures, and departures from the stark geometry of Ikea dressers will soon follow. If you want to pin down a specific color palette to match the above ideas, take the traditional cooler blues and greens of winter and warm them up. Rich teals and cyans play against lighter ochre notes and soft earth tones—think puffy winter outwear rather than frozen, snowy landscape.

To College We Go


Dilan Bandara

This month, marketplaces will be looking for images, clips, and illustrations of young people preparing to go to college. So try and incorporate students studying both at home and at school, working with tutors, and taking entry exams. You can also show families gathered round a computer screen excitedly looking at the admittal (early decisions are usually made in February). And finally, as with anything college-related, make sure to depict young students hanging out on campus or in their dorms.

Family Rituals 


Željko Ivošević

The previous year had more people working from home and fewer travelling; this potentially means a lot of families have spent more time together than ever before (think of that photo potential). And while high-quality stock photos of families will always remain in demand, whether it be by interior designers or advertising agencies, 2022 is expected to bring in a significant increase. The ways in which you can photograph families are practically endless, but if you want to keep in line with the current trends, your methods should incorporate the next item on our list.



Christie Cooper

Today’s stock photo users are in dire need of images that look authentic—ones that, ironically, do not look like stock photos at all. One of the ways to avoid the typical stock photo “look” is to pursue images that carry elements of sincerity, paired with minimal or zero editing and a feel that does not seem too perfect or unattainable. Of course, you do still need to keep the aesthetics up in your work, but snapping shots that don’t appear too propped up will have a higher chance of connecting with viewers.

Pro tip— when you’re working with a model, make sure they don’t look straight into the camera for every shot; that variety might be key to authenticity.

The Joy of Solo Outdoors 


S Astor

The worldwide pandemic ended up spurring a major trend in stock photography—images of people going on solo outdoor adventures. From mesmerizing hikes to jogging and mountain biking adventures, people are exploring nature’s bounty now more than ever; and a lot of them have beautiful images to show for it. So next time you’re out engaging with your surroundings, make sure you have your camera ready and snap that trendy shot.

Love is in the Air 


Doralin Samuel

With Valentine's day just around the corner, marketplaces are going to be looking for images showing couples prepping for a special night in, out, or party. Show people shopping for flowers, chocolate, a bottle of wine, and even shopping for engagement rings. Oh, and don't forget the packaging. Snap shots of people wrapping presents in signature red gift paper or other V-day packaging.