Wirepicks for August 2023
Photo by Jakob Owens

Wirepicks for August 2023

Published on July 21, 2023

The last month of summer is looming, and it’s time to capture the highlights of the season. Discover the dynamic world of creative expressions across various industries with these captivating visual trends. From redefining perceptions in the tech sector to capturing the thrill of sports and embracing artistic movements, these trends offer a fresh perspective on diverse subjects. Join us as we delve into the realms of technology, sports, design, and illustration, unlocking powerful imagery that sparks inspiration and redefines boundaries.

A road trip to remember!

Search for captivating visuals, both images and videos, that beautifully showcase people from every corner of the globe immersed in the joy of driving along diverse and picturesque roads. Capture the essence of responsible parenting as you photograph families picnicking on beaches or playing with their kids in the parks. Show us heartwarming images of happy couples and groups of friends, their faces alive with laughter and smiles as they travel through beautiful landscapes. Don’t forget to capture your friends, whose presence adds charm and warmth to these road trip adventures. Try to seize the opportunity and preserve those scenes forever.


Adrian de la Paz

Athletics for youth

Capture hectic moments of kids and teenagers engaged in athletic pursuits. Whether it's soccer, swimming, tennis, or martial arts, we want to showcase the passion and dedication of young athletes in action. Capture the intensity of youth basketball games, highlighting the exhilarating moments of teamwork and skill on the court. Cherished images of kids celebrating victories or displaying sportsmanship by shaking hands with opponents are highly sought-after, reflecting the values of fair play and respect. Also, you better catch a moment as a gymnastics coach guides young athletes through graceful routines, exemplifying discipline, and technique. Freeze the moment of parents proudly cheering on their kids from the sidelines, radiating unwavering support and encouragement. By embracing these moments, try to inspire and uplift, showing the universal language of sports and the limitless potential of young athletes.


Geronimo Giqueaux

Age in Tech

It's time to redefine the perception of the tech sector by showcasing a diverse range of individuals, with a special emphasis on those aged 50 and above. In the dynamic world of technology, we are actively seeking compelling images that challenge stereotypes and highlight the presence of experienced individuals in this industry. Visualize the dedication and expertise of people in their 50s as they tirelessly work in data centers and server rooms, playing a crucial role in maintaining digital infrastructure. Capture the essence of professionalism by featuring photos and videos of diverse individuals involved in coding, showcasing their continued relevance and passion. These authentic representations are of great interest to our users. Moreover, let's celebrate the valuable contributions of senior employees as they provide guidance and support to their younger colleagues, assisting them with tablets, computers, and other office supplies. Together, we can reshape the narrative and present a more inclusive and accurate portrayal of the tech industry.


Jordi Calvera Solé

Dynamic Aesthetic

Pay attention to the current trend of brutalism in design, as it has gained significant popularity among designers. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills and artistic creations! When incorporating text into your designs, discard subtlety and go for massive, bold, and impactful lettering instead. Experiment with monochrome or minimalist color palettes to create a standout effect, prioritizing clean lines and bold, prominent shapes. Add a touch of brilliance by accentuating black and white tones with vibrant splashes of saturated colors. Consider using grungy backgrounds such as used paper, aluminum foil, or cement for an extra touch of edginess. Embrace the essence of brutalism in your designs, captivating and intriguing viewers with your artistic vision.


Turgay Koca