Wirepicks for July 2023
Photo by Jose Prieto

Wirepicks for July 2023

Published on June 20, 2023

As July approaches, it's time to plan your content strategy for the month with themes that capture the essence of summer. Create content that highlights the warmth and excitement of a holiday to embrace the season. July provides a wealth of options to engage your audience, whether it's showcasing the start of the summer vacation season or examining the beauty of nature in bloom. There are countless opportunities to inspire and amuse your readers, from backyard barbecues to enjoyable outdoor activities. The month of July is ideal for letting your creativity run wild and making your material pop, regardless of your level of experience. So, get inspired by the trendiest themes for July 2023 that Wirepicks has compiled for you.


Back to School

As the academic season looms, it's essential to capture visuals that reflect the anticipation and excitement of students worldwide embarking on their college journey. View first-year students' houses, which are stuffed with carefully packed bags and supplies in preparation for this new phase. Watch as students arrive on campus, are warmly welcomed by their parents, and enthusiastically unload their belongings. As students unpack, decorate, and build relationships with their neighbors, you can watch how empty dorm rooms become into individualized havens. Take in the warm reunions that friends have been waiting for as they embrace, laugh, and enjoy each other's company across the lively campus.
Remember to also take pictures of students and instructors entering lecture halls and engaging in collaborative and knowledge-sharing activities that promote growth and learning. Storytellers from all over the world eagerly seek out these moments because they are the ones who genuinely bring the college experience to life.


Daniel Megias del Pozo

Representation in the Workplace: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

In today's media landscape, representation is highly valued by customers and businesses alike, recognizing its profound impact. There is a definite need for real-world, inclusive images of people with disabilities succeeding in various professional settings, reflecting the diversity of the current workforce. Visualize situations where a meeting is confidently led by a person in a wheelchair or where people wearing prosthetic limbs actively participate in work-related tasks. It is crucial to document subtle interactions, such as sign language exchanges that illustrate efficient teamwork and communication. Maintain authenticity when depicting impairments by avoiding a singular focus on them and placing an emphasis on nuanced and real representations where disabilities are just one component of the whole. Storytellers may help create a more diverse media landscape by upholding these guidelines.

Oscar Carrascosa Martinez

Embracing the Beauty of Natural Light Lifestyle

As summer approaches, people are drawn to the authentic charm of everyday moments illuminated by natural light. It seems like we can say goodbye to artificial lighting arrangements and welcome the gentle, comforting glow of the sun. Visualize scenes where parents and kids are playing around the house, organizing toys, or performing domestic tasks while enjoying the soft sunlight. Make a statement by capturing the enchantment of the golden hour, when friends and families congregate in their backyards to enjoy merry gatherings as the day fades into the evening. Keep in mind the early risers who use the morning light for their training routines, the rising sun highlighting their resolve. 


Jasmin Čizmović

Look for those magical moments, such as the shadows of children playing in a yard or a couple taking a stroll in a park while the sun gently arcs above them. Take advantage of the chance to show off the true beauty of these summertime moments since content creators are eager to use these engaging slices of life drenched in natural light.