Wirepicks for November 2023
Photo by Alisa Furcic

Wirepicks for November 2023

Published on October 18, 2023

As we step into November, our Wirepicks series spotlights the daily lives of medical heroes, dives into the innovations of 3D medical printing, navigates the daily dance with medications, and celebrates the trusting connections between patients and caregivers.


Okhumale Victor

Everyday Heroes Unmasked

In November, the spotlight is set to shine on the everyday heroes of our world: healthcare professionals. As the demand for content diversifies, storytellers are actively seeking images and videos that provide a heartwarming glimpse into the lives of these medical heroes beyond the confines of their workplaces. With the advancement of technology, image generators have started to play a role in creating these compelling visuals. They want to see them at home, capturing the moments when they put on their scrubs and gear up for another life-saving day. Real, relatable slices of their lives are in high demand—scenes showcasing them interacting with their families, prepping their children for school, and stepping out of their homes, ready to face another day of challenges. It's not just about the strenuous hours at the hospital; let's shift our focus to see these professionals during their off-hours, too, perhaps grabbing a coffee from a local café or shopping for essentials.


Jan Dzacovsky

The Medical Future in 3D

As technology continues to intersect with medicine, the marvels of 3D printing stand poised to take center stage this November. We're on the hunt for distinct images and videos that highlight the revolutionary use of 3D printing in the medical realm. In the same vein, there's a burgeoning interest in image upscalers that enhance these visuals to a finer resolution, making them even more striking. Have a timelapse showcasing a 3D printer meticulously crafting a medical device or product? That's exactly the kind of captivating content we're keen on. Additionally, visuals that depict a doctor deeply engrossed in studying a screen, which displays the intricate framework of an object set to be printed, are highly sought after. But it doesn’t stop there. The tangible results of this tech, like a doctor proudly presenting a freshly 3D-printed splint or cast, are invaluable to our collection. If you have content that fits the bill, it promises to be a game-changer in portraying the future of healthcare.

Joseph Lange

Medications in Daily Life

The role of medications in our daily lives remains an evergreen subject of interest, and this November, the demand for authentic imagery capturing this theme is stronger than ever. This presents an excellent opportunity for content creators to tap into a market with a keen appetite for fresh perspectives. We're eager to see diverse portrayals of individuals spanning various age brackets and backgrounds as they engage with medications—inspecting pill bottles, taking their daily doses, or diligently organizing their pills. The dynamics of the pharmacist-client relationship also hold significant appeal. Imagery showcasing pharmacists meticulously preparing medications, offering guidance, and interacting with customers in their stores is crucial. Additionally, diving deeper into the realm of personal health management, we're on the lookout for genuine snapshots of people monitoring their health metrics—think individuals checking their blood pressure within the comfort of their homes or testing blood sugar levels in everyday settings like restaurants or offices. This call isn't just about medications; it's about the broader narrative of health and well-being in everyday life.

Rishad Allaberdiev

Bonding in Healthcare

In the vast landscape of healthcare, the bond between patients and providers forms an intrinsic core that resonates deeply with audiences. The timeless narrative of doctor-patient interactions, whether through photographs, illustrations, or videos, remains a cornerstone for content that not only captivates but also translates to increased sales. The quintessential scene of a patient's routine consultation with their primary care doctor never loses its appeal. But modern healthcare isn't just limited to in-person interactions. The surge in telehealth, with patients and practitioners bridging distances through technology, is a contemporary trend we're eagerly looking to showcase—from the unique perspectives of both the patient and the healthcare provider. Furthermore, the evolving dynamics of family health—parents accompanying their young ones or adults guiding their elderly parents through consultations—speak volumes of the caregiving cycle that forms the essence of healthcare. Amidst these interactions, the moments that truly tug at heartstrings are the instances of emotional support—a nurse or doctor gently comforting a patient, offering reassurance either before a daunting procedure or post-op. These poignant moments, though draped in drama, demand a finesse that captures vulnerability, hope, and the unwavering commitment of healthcare professionals.

Fuchs mit Foto


November's Wirepicks has illuminated the profound layers of healthcare, from personal narratives to technological innovations. As the year winds down, it's evident that the heartbeat of healthcare is as diverse as it is essential, shaping our daily lives and collective future.