Wirepicks for October 2023
Photo by Nikola Vukovic

Wirepicks for October 2023

Published on September 19, 2023

Prepare for a captivating journey through a diverse range of visual experiences in October, from the enchanting world of Halloween, where we seek to capture the spirit of this spooky season in vibrant pictures, to the heartwarming travels and rediscovering the world, unfolding each story in its own way. We'll also dive into the nostalgia of '90s aesthetics, where illustrators have a chance to unleash their creativity and explore the beauty of finding positives in life's accidents. Let’s dive into the hottest topics of mid-fall.

Halloween in Vibrant Pictures

Halloween is just around the corner, so get ready with a spooky twist! As a first step, we are looking for bright, Halloween-themed videos. Start by preparing children's costumes and their makeup themselves or with their parents' help. Take pictures of kids going door-to-door, chatting with friends, and mingling enthusiastically with neighbors. On that vibrant night, capture the adults in their extravagant costumes. Halloween is complete with footage of people decorating their homes, carving pumpkins, handing out candies generously, and lovingly greeting costumed kids at their doors. This year's focus is to bring the Halloween enchantment to life with exciting visuals!


Marco Latino

Seniors Rediscovering the World

Experience the journey of our experienced travelers! Seniors are resuming their travels, and content providers are ready to share their experiences. Photographs and videos of people aged 60 and up traveling the world are currently being sought. Discover how senior couples navigate airports, read books, newspapers, and journals while waiting in a waiting room, and go through the check-in process. Showcase elders sightseeing, shopping, and immersing themselves in local culture in various locations worldwide. Capture images of seniors Indulging in room service, relaxing near the pool, strolling through gardens, or relaxing near lakes, and fully enjoying their vacations.

Tristan Lao

Embracing '90s Aesthetics

It’s time for illustrators! A visual aesthetic reminiscent of the 1990s is in high demand this month. You can use big, attention-grabbing typography and bold, abstract shapes in pattern designs to make a lasting impression. Color palettes rich in blue, pink, purple, lime green, and yellow are sure to make a statement. Allow your imagination to run wild with the subject matter as long as it nostalgically captures the classic aesthetic of the '90s!

Ankit RK Garg

Finding Positives in Life's Accidents

The best photos are captured by accident! A popular type of film, photograph, or illustration unintentionally shows tiny details of everyday life. Photograph classic messy situations like a happy puppy wagging its tail amid a ripped pillow, or notice a chaotic situation's sweet and cute aspects. Watch youngsters and newborns smeared in food and capture their emotions - making each moment refreshingly candid. To add a sentimental touch, try to film people wearing casts on their arms and legs as friends sign and draw on them, trying to cheer them up.

Tell a story by showing a couple of moments of how people help each other. It could be a bicycle renovation offered by kind strangers in the middle of the road or assistance to get it to the master to fix it - people sharing their efforts to support each other.  Besides a couple of these examples, try experimenting with more topics - observe and share your content with us!


Miguel Angel Junquera