Wirepicks for September 2023
Photo by Rosco Shot

Wirepicks for September 2023

Published on August 15, 2023

New patterns start to emerge as September approaches, dictating the style of content creation. This month, the focus is on engaging topics that appeal to a wide range of viewers. These are the hot topics that content producers should concentrate on, ranging from the personal experience of parenting in healthcare to the changing nature of entertainment through streaming services. Explore each trend's details to ensure your content stays hot and in demand.

Parenthood and Child Health

The demand for visual representations of parents navigating healthcare with their children is expected to surge. The view on waiting rooms, digital check-ins, and parents collaborating with medical professionals is just a few examples. In addition, scenes showing home healthcare, from using medical devices to giving medications, will also be in demand. Bring to life the tender moments of parental care while children recover, creating a realistic visual narrative of parenting in healthcare.


John Neff

Capturing the Move

Authentic visuals showcasing the process of people settling into new houses and apartments are in demand among content creators. Enhance your collection with footage of individuals unloading moving trucks, whether or not professionals assist them. Demonstrate how much fun it can be to unwrap furniture and unpack boxes with the kids. Feature young couples with great enthusiasm for starting a new period of their lives in new homes. Avoid clichéd moving scenarios like pizza picnics in sterile, empty settings.


Željko Ivošević

Visualizing Home Entertainment

Content creators are seeking visuals that capture the essence of streaming entertainment. Use pictures, videos, and illustrations to showcase people watching television and watching movies at home with friends. Show families and couples relaxing on couches to watch a modern movie, whether it's on a TV or a mobile tablet. Take pictures of people using headphones to watch content on gadgets in public to depict the on-the-go aspect. Remember to stay away from showing actual programs on screens. If necessary, think about using blurred focus or green screen techniques.

Jack McKeehan

Reviving Risograph

The nostalgic charm of retro risograph techniques is making a comeback. So, it’s a good time to bring this aesthetic to new subjects. The risograph style is characterized by its dense layering, aggressive shapes, exaggerated proportions, and gritty color transitions. Use this method to create illustrations that perfectly reflect the mood. Illustrations of people of diverse backgrounds done in risograph style are also in huge demand. Most importantly, think outside of the box, and create from abstract arrangements and floral patterns to cityscapes. Captivate us with your creativity!


Bruno Chamma