WirePicks for June 2022
Photo by Joshua Rodriguez

WirePicks for June 2022

Published on May 2, 2022

With summer almost upon us, we here at Wirestock bring you the content that's going to be highly requested in June. Appeal to users longing for sunny getaways, healthy living, the joys of Prie, and the eternal cool of blue-centric hues.


Sasha Stefanov

Vacay Mode

Since school is out for most of the Northern Hemisphere, users are going to be hunting for that sweet and sunny vacation content. Visual depictions of families enjoying their long-awaited vacations and staycations are going to be in high demand, so make sure to capture this joy in its most authentic form. Focus on the fashions of the season as well; it's shorts, sandals, tank tops, and swimwear galore.

Additionally, summer camp content is also predicted to be highly sought-out for. From sports to STEM, to cooking to art, users are going to want to see happy campers aged 4-16.


Miguel Angel Mamani Valdemira


Healthy living has always been important, but there's something about summertime that sheds an even brighter light on the practice. Marketers will be requesting vectors, videos, and images showing just how fun and effortless wellness can really be. So it's on you to set the scene—include fresh food, farmer’s markets, healthy meal prep, vitamins, probiotics, kombucha, and other goodies in your work.

Do not forget to focus on fitness. Capture the beauty of yoga, pilates, cross-training, aerobics, swimming, and more activities that get bloods boiling and muscles flexing. And most importantly, show us the people who make it all happen; the pros that know how to do it best, from trainers to coaches, to nutrition experts, and dieticians.


Oksana Taran


Celebrate love in all its shapes and forms with images, vectors, and videos flaunting the joy of Pride Month. Whether it's couples dining, shopping, socializing, at home, or out and about, it's important to capture imagery of LGBTQ+ folk leading their everyday lives. This goes for young and old, same-sex and multi-racial, make sure to shoot the entire rainbow of the LGBTQ+ spectrum being comfortable in their skin. Candid moments, studio portraits, large crowds in open spaces; there's ample opportunity to depict the multifaceted LGBTQ+ experience.


Ben Archell

Summer Blues 

In case you haven't noticed, there's been a major uptick in the demand for blue hues when it comes to stock content imagery. With a category as generous as color, there's ample chance to show off your creativity. Amaze clients with photos of blue lighting, violet backdrops, and cool color palettes featured in your abstract artworks.

Blue hair? Yes please! How about teal-tinted sunglasses, aqua nails, and turquoise hats? Anything and everything goes.