WirePicks for March 2022
Photo by Benjamin Combs

WirePicks for March 2022

Published on February 8, 2022

As spring begins to blossom, we at Wirestock bring you the content people will be searching for most. March is going to bring in a lot of people looking for sweet 90s nostalgia, gardening craze, gaming in all its shapes and forms, as well as dreamlike surrealistic imagery. 

Back in the 90s 


Ariel Dufey

The 90s are very much back in, and the only substitute to time travel is photography. Artists should aim to create images, videos, and vectors that evoke the specific style and feel of the iconic decade. Look for patterns that embody the aesthetic— we’re talking bold, bright colors, and all sorts of abstract shapes. Brainstorm ways to incorporate tech like CDs, VHS tapes, and boom boxes into your work (ideally ones that show no logos or brand names). And, of course, style your subjects and environments in 90s clothing. Staples include slip dresses, bomber jackets, fanny packs, scrunchies, and a whole lot of plaid flannel.

Spring Begins


Frédéric Sabalette

T’is the season of the green, and stock agencies are actively looking for imagery of home gardens and community plots around the world. To draw inspiration, simply take a closer look at your own garden, or go out and take in all the action happening at a park nearby. Depict people working in yards and gardens around their property, or in small apartment spaces like rooftops and balconies. Capture authentic moments of people interacting with each other at community gardens, tending to their conversations as delicately as they’re tending to the greenery.

Get Your Game On


Eduardo Sandoval

Come March and people will expect to see all sorts of content showing games and gamers in action. Whether it’s one person completing a brain teaser puzzle or a large team bonding over Jenga, photographers should aim to capture these moments creatively and authentically. And luckily, there are millions of games to work with— showcase couples playing cards at home for an indoor date night, senior residents sitting on a porch doing a crossword puzzle, or friends having fun over an interactive video game.

So Surreal 


Juan Ignacio Rodriguez Moronta

Unleash your inner Dali and create images, videos, and illustrations that boggle the mind. Do not shy away from odd lighting, strangely outfitted models, and campy collages (both analog or digital) that showcase unique combinations of the subject matter. Surrealism is all about the intentionally strange, so staging scenes with unusual perspectives of everyday objects can lay out the method to your madness. This one’s for those who like to create outside the box.