WirePicks for May 2022
Photo by Soham Banerjee

WirePicks for May 2022

Published on April 6, 2022

To welcome spring’s concluding chapter, we here at Wirestock bring you a guide to shooting content that sells. “World Cup in Qatar” will be the phrase on everyone’s lips, which means that the football frenzy is likely to go global. With no logos or visible FIFA intellectual property, your content is guaranteed to score big time.


Alla Morozova

The Frenzy of Football

Whether it’s at home, at the pub, or on the go, football fanaticism is the thing to capture this coming month. Showcase fans cheering on their teams anytime, anywhere. Capture them nervous, excited, disappointed—give your images the range of emotions the World Cup really stirs up.

On top of that, do not forget that the World Cup is colorful. People want to see national flags, faces painted with team colors, friends and families preparing for a party or dancing in the street; depictions of celebrations are always dynamic, filled with glee, and popping with color.

Ensure all models you include are over 25 years of age if alcohol is included. Plus, no actual game footage should be visible on TVs or other devices.


Gevorg Ghazaryan

The Game Within Us

While reaching the World Cup may be the ultimate goal, the dream always begins with that very first touch; this means celebrating amateurs of every age playing football recreationally is just as important. Frame the game in youth football (or soccer in some cases), from the littlest strikers to university-aged athletes.

Football is also often a family affair, so expect users to be looking for parents teaching their kids, lacing up their cleats, cheering them on, etc. Include property releases for recognizable interiors and exteriors of private property.


Mike Turner

Add Motion to Add Excitement

A bend of a kick, a ball hitting the back of the net—football is all about the beautiful motion. In May, wow clients with your use of graphics, blurs, and more. Show empty stadiums before a big match, banks of lights popping on, or balls spinning through the air.

When capturing those shots, please make sure that there are no logos or FIFA intellectual property visible.


Jacob Batterham

Beautiful Qatar

The World Cup might be the play, but Qatar is the stage. Celebrate the country in all its glory with images, videos, and illustrations that users will be searching for all over. Showcase the warmth of Watari natives, capture lifestyle images of travelers, scenes of cities as well as local environments.

The country’s capital, Doha, is known for its futuristic skyline. Capture it with wide lenses and aerial shots that make the nation’s landscape practically leap off the screen.