Wirepicks for November 2022
Photo by DJ Watson

Wirepicks for November 2022

Published on October 3, 2022

As the last chapter of fall approaches, we here at Wirestock bring you our monthly guide to content that's hot. In November, clients are going to go on the hunt for women in leadership roles, virtual hobbies, vectors of diversity, as well as the joys of gift-giving. So let's dive in, and close fall in style!


Photo by wocintechchat

Women Leaders 

No matter the job or industry, portrayals of women in leadership roles are going to be among the best-selling content in November. To capture these boss moves authentically, start visualizing women leading meetings, giving talks, preparing presentations, and directing their teams. Think manual work as well; content captured in warehouses and factories is going to be really in demand. Additionally, take the concept of leadership into the classroom as well—female professors lecturing uni students, and interacting with fellow staff is definitely going to make the grade.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Virtual Hobbies 

As it gets chillier outside, more and more people are drawn to indoor activities, it's your job to make them look just as fun as the outdoor ones. Capture photos and footage of people using devices to learn new skills, develop on their hobbies, and stream their classes. These hobbies can range from piano to cooking, yoga to indoor gardening, writing to music—anything is fair game basically. Just make sure to capture the fun, attach model releases, and exclude logos.


Illustration by pikisuperstar

Diverse Vector Art 

With the growing demand for vector art from all over the world, it is time that diversity is depicted (and depicted well) in illustrations. For the month of November, clients are going to be looking for people of color at home, out and about, and at work. This can also be a great chance to incorporate traditional clothing when creating vector art of a specific country or culture; the same goes for patterns from various regions.


Photo by Kira auf der Heide 

The Season of Giving 

With the holiday season just around the corner, clients are already searching for fresh imagery of the greatest joy of all; gift giving. Portray all the action of people wrapping, boxing, and even mailing gifts to showcase what gift giving looks like from afar. The joy on people's faces when unboxing is definitely undeniable; capture families and friends doing so together, even if it is on a video call. Oh, and don't forget thoughtful cards either. Upload authentic shots of people writing, reading, and handing cards to each other.