WirePicks for September 2022
Photo by Joren Aranas

WirePicks for September 2022

Published on August 1, 2022

Take a look at our picks for September—a guide to the hottest and most searched-for content by clients in the upcoming month. Autumn's first chapter is going to have customers seeking out non-traditional wedding content, establishing exteriors, nightlife in full swing, as well as creative, hand-drawn patterns. Let's dive in!


Alisa Furcic

Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies 

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and this September, users are going to be eager to see images showcasing non-traditional nuptials from all over the world. From intimate ceremonies to mature (45+) couples exchanging vows in an informal setting, fall weddings should look as unique in your photos as they are in real life.

Lean into the formally casual look. Laidback weddings attended by people in formal attire are going to be very on-trend come September. Make sure to include images of people of various ethnicities, ages, and sexualities; love is love after all.


Anel Hardauš 

Establishing Shots 

If it looks like a scene from a film, hurry up and capture i. Users are going to be hot for clips and photos of any and all building types to serve as establishing shots in their projects. Feel free to utilize your drone too! Shots of city skylines, residential neighborhoods, urban settings, industrial sites and etc. are going to be must-haves come fall.

Slow pan? Absolutely! There is going to be a huge demand for slow pans of restaurants, bars, and pub facades, as people gather around to spend time with friends and family. And as is the case with all recognizable interiors and exteriors of private properties, do not forget to include a property release! 


Paul Bence

Night Fever 

It's party time! Come September, clients are going to be on the prowl for videos and images depicting all forms of nightlife. This goes for any and all shots taken after hours; date night both indoors and outdoors, friends enjoying themselves in an urban environment, cocktails and club life in full swing, etc.

Make sure to exclude any visible branding and logos, and attach model and property releases for any person or private property you shoot.



Hand-Drawn Patterns 

This September, it's all about the abstract! Users are going to go nuts for hand-drawn, repeatable vector illustrations of any variety. Flower patterns, surreal deals, multi-colored or monochromatic palettes in all styles, all of these are fair play. Tap into your creativity and experiment with styles, just do not forget to add a property release or reference image where needed.