Introducing Wirestock Exclusives
Photo by Balint Roxana

Introducing Wirestock Exclusives

Published on May 20, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing the Wirestock Exclusives Program. The Wirestock Exclusives Program provides contributors with higher royalty rates and additional perks in exchange for submitting high-demand photos exclusively to one marketplace. Our first partnership is with Adobe.

orange fireworks display

photo courtesy of Andriyko Podilnyk

As of today, Adobe will provide us with specific themes that are target needs for their customers, and Wirestock contributors will have the option to submit photos exclusively with a significantly higher royalty rate agreement. Contributors can submit relevant content, and if selected, the content will be sold exclusively through Adobe Stock. In addition, you will have a higher chance of generating sales as you will be submitting content that is in demand in that particular marketplace. For this particular partnership, Adobe has agreed to include creators’ names under all images submitted through the Wirestock Exclusives Program and approved by them. 

This feature will not affect regular submission of your photos outside of this program. Only photos that have never been submitted to our platform and elsewhere can qualify for the exclusive program. If you choose to participate in the new exclusive program, you cannot submit those same photos with other agencies, but you can still license them to clients directly.

city under cloudy sky

photo courtesy of Saveliy Bobov

The first three target needs requested by Adobe for the Wirestock Exclusives include images from Korea and Brazil as well as content related to “The New Normal”.

You can check out the topics here.

aerial photography of cityscape near sea

photo courtesy of Agustin Diaz