Creative AI Challenge - Learning Something New
Photo by Tms Khth

Creative AI Challenge - Learning Something New

Published on May 15, 2023

Mission Prize and Details

Wirestock, always keen on promoting creativity, has introduced AI challenges to complement its established photography challenges. In this specific challenge, we invite participants to utilize AI image generators to produce photorealistic pictures that depict diverse individuals learning in various settings. These images should boast high quality, mirroring the authenticity of real photographs. We aim for these visuals to convey stories, emphasizing the diverse experiences people encounter when mastering new skills. Participants are encouraged to showcase their creativity and think beyond the usual.

The prize for the first place is $500, for the second - $250, and for the third place, the prize is $100. Additionally, the next three runner-ups will receive $50. The amount will be added to your Wirestock balance. Your images will also be sent to marketplaces if they pass a quality assurance review.



  • Participants can submit up to 5 images for the challenge. All submissions must be in JPEG/JPG  format. If more images are submitted, only the first 5 will be considered.
  • Previously submitted content will not be accepted for the challenge.
  • The images must be super photorealistic and authentic. They should look like real photographs and should be of high quality.
  • The images submitted for the challenge must be AI-generated. Participants can use any AI-generated image software or tools to create their images. The images submitted must be original works created specifically for this challenge.
  • The images should depict individuals from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. The participants are encouraged to depict individuals with disabilities or unique abilities in the images.
  • The images must depict individuals learning new things in different locations, such as beaches, parks, classrooms, or any other location that can be used for learning activities.
  • Participants must include "Learning something new" in the additional info field in order to be considered for the challenge
  • The deadline for submitting the images is May 21.
  • Winners will be announced by the 27th of May


Examples of what we’d like to see

  • A group of students from diverse backgrounds gathered around a chef in a bustling kitchen, learning how to cook a variety of cuisines. The image is photorealistic and depicts the students’ expressions of concentration and excitement as they learn new skills.
  • An image of a group of surfers, including individuals with disabilities, gathered on the beach, learning how to surf. The image is dynamic and captures the energy and excitement of the learning experience.
  • An image of a group of children from different ethnicities gathered around a telescope, observing the night sky. The image is peaceful and contemplative and captures the wonder and curiosity of the children as they learn about the universe.
  • A yoga class with a group of elderly people learning new poses and exercising mindfulness and positivity